“Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.”- Winston Churchill

What We Do

Since 2013, FeraCode has been designing and programming web solutions according to our clients’ needs. Our clients experience increased revenue and business scalability. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Innovative mobile app designs
  • User-friendly web application programming
  • Effective CRM solutions
  • Efficient e-commerce systems
  • Advanced A.I. solutions

Our History

FeraCode began as an independent web consulting agency in Florianópolis in SC, Brazil. Through our early experiences in the industry, we formed valuable partnerships with software companies all over the world. These partners helped us to quickly establish our reputation as a high-end software agency.

Now, FeraCode is international! While we maintain our Florianópolis, Brazil location, we also have a location in Lehi, Utah. Our Brazil location contains over 100 developers, and we have assisted nearly 100 satisfied clients. By merging North American software innovation with Brazilian design, our clients get a powerful result.

Our innovative team produces outstanding work time and time again. Each client matters to our team. Whether that client is a billion-dollar enterprise or a startup that’s preparing to launch its very first product, we show the same level of commitment.

We work tirelessly to generate success for each client. Even those who have an innovative business concept won’t last if they don’t have the right technology services to back them up. FeraCode knows that it’s not enough to just have a powerful mobile app or CRM. Those things are important, but they are just the first a couple of the first steps in building a startup.

Our Values

At FeraCode, we put our values in everything we do! Here are some of the things that are most important to us.

  • Innovation – We create new solutions with cutting-edge technology to benefit our clients’ businesses.
  • Work Ethic – We are always working hard to help our clients’ businesses succeed.
  • Transparency – We believe that honesty is key to client relationships, especially when something goes wrong.
  • Empathy – We do our best to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, so we can see their needs and know exactly how to solve them.
  • Ownership – We take pride in the fact that we deliver high-quality work to every one of our clients.
  • Curiosity – Our penchant for learning helps us to constantly improve our work for the benefit of our clients.
  • Customer Success – Our goal is to position all our clients for success.
  • Environmental Awareness – We are thoughtful about our methods and products so we can minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Our Mission

At FeraCode, our primary mission is to develop responsive software technologies for our clients internationally. We provide hands-on management for all your projects by giving you dedicated in-house teams that work with your company’s CMOs and CIOs. These teams enhance our clients’ vision for digital technology. When it comes to new startups, we can provide the tools that best position them to break into the marketplace for the first time. With our help, startups can truly stand out!

Our Team

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”- Albert Einstein

Lucky we have both. Take a look at our team below!
Each one of them is key to our success.

Alexandre Pagliosa | Front-End & UX/UI

"Since high school I started to work with internet providers, linux servers and website design. During the graduation in Graphic Design, I acted with web master in distro Conectiva Linux. During my career, I worked and studied to unify the best of the 2 worlds: t.i. and design. In Feracode I am Front-End developer and UI/UX and mobile manager."

Alexandre Pagliosa Front-End & UX/UI
Denimar de Moraes | Back-End

"BackEnd developer with over 20 year of experience efficiently coding web applications using technologies including Java, Node, JavaScript and others."

Denimar de Moraes Back-End
Eduardo Sotero | Front-End

"Just a guy hungry for knowledge."

Eduardo Sotero Front-End
Guilherme Vieira | Back-End

"Backend developer who loves to learn and acquire new skill sets for solving difficult problems."

Guilherme Vieira Back-End
Hely Saul Oberto | Project Manager

"I am a Venezuelan Front-End Senior Developer. Computer Science Engineer. More than 6 years working with the latest Javascript frameworks. Programmer vocation since childhood. Speak fluently Spanish, Portuguese and English."

Hely Saul Oberto Project Manager
Larissa Kassumi | UX designer

"My degree includes Industrial Design, Fine Arts and Specialization in Informational Design. I act professionally in design since 2000. Actually interested and studying UX/UI design, and UX Writer. Usability and digital interactions are the means to accomplish my purpose, which is to make the world a better place through design."

Larissa Kassumi UX designer
Leonardo Mosiah | Front-End

"Frontend Developer, seeking new things to play around. Has a love-hate relationship with JS and React and that's all you need to know about me."

Leonardo Mosiah Front-End
Lucas Baumgart | Lead Design

"Great admirer of digital art, self-taught, family talent, dreamer, I love what I do and do what I love!"

Lucas Baumgart Lead Design
Marta Rocha Zacheu | Administrativo

"Challenges are always welcome for those who love to live."

Marta Rocha Zacheu Administrativo
Matheus Mordorst | VP Technology

"Software engineer by UWEC and white hacker; Adrenaline junkie and petrolhead. Geek since I was born."

Matheus Mordorst VP Technology
Mike Christian Santos Curi | Back-End

"Senior Developer and GrayHat, since childhood in love with technologies. At age 13 developed non-detectable network packet manipulation software, with 15 years already working with linux servers and mitigation, in 2014 encountered an XSS failure in Google and in 2015 at Microsoft. Formed by eSecurity and currently does triple graduation."

Mike Christian Santos Curi Back-End
Rafael Pampoch | Fullstack Developer

"Fullstack Developer, Graphic Designer and Nature Lover. Graduated in Marketing with more than 10 years of experience."

Rafael Pampoch Fullstack Developer
Ricardo Rincon | Back-End

"Born in Venezuela, all my life was dreaming in work with technology, but I had to work in the industrial field of electricity. After escaping from the economic crisis from my country and only getting under pay works, I had the opportunity to develop all the knowledge that acquired, working as a Back-End developer in Feracode."

Ricardo Rincon Back-End
Tadeu Cotts | Back-End

"Developer, always like to learn new skills and curious all the time."

Tadeu Cotts Back-End
Valério Souza | WordPress Developer

"I am a WordPress Specialist since 2008 and works with WEB since 1998. Graduated in the Advertising and Marketing, participates in the development of new versions of WordPress, I am a translator, reviewer and developer of official repository themes and plugins. Enthusiast and Evangelist platform, member of the Brazilian community."

Valério Souza WordPress Developer
Vinicius Schuelter | Front-End

"Front-end Developer (Systems Analyst by Unicesumar & I.T by UEM). New technology enthusiast and skater on my spare time."

Vinicius Schuelter Front-End
Wellington Porto | Front-End

"Front-end developer dedicated to a good user experience."

Wellington Porto Front-End
Wladimir Ribeiro Jr | CEO

"Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it. -Albert Einstein"

Wladimir Ribeiro Jr CEO

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