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Project Details

  • Client: Novidade Saudável
  • Type: E-Commerce Development
  • Position: First pages on Google 
  • Date: 09/2016
  • Website:
E-commerce Novidade Saudável

About our client

We are part of BioMercado Brasil, importer and distributor of natural and organic products for stores and supermarkets all over Brazil that exclusively represents brands and products concentrated in Europe, Canada and the United States.

With this channel of exclusive launches with a direct sale to the consumer of healthy, organic and functional food, enthusiasts like yourself will be able to find the latest international launches in natural products. Imagine receiving at home, anywhere in Brazil, products such as Coco Nectar or "vegan honey" from the renowned Big Tree Farms brand or the RawRevolution Crudiveganas Barrinhas that introduced to Brazil the new trend of snacks made from "Live", Or Raw!

Certifications such as organic (at source), non-GMO and Fair Trade are just a few of the criteria evaluated. "We have been visiting fairs and suppliers for more than two years to make up the Healthy Novelty portfolio. Before selecting a product and starting negotiations with the supplier, we carry out a rigorous quality analysis of the nutrients and health benefits, "says Romanna Remor, one of BioMercado's partners and responsible for the area of Innovation.

The products also go through the evaluation of the Ambassador of Healthy Novelty, Yasmin Brunet. "Her excitement about the products is contagious. She looks like a child tasting her favorite stuff. Yasmin's opinion has helped us a lot since its commitment to healthy eating is genuine, "explains Romanna.

The results of this long and fun process could only be Healthy News! "We are looking for unique and somewhat unusual products that will surprise the consumer in presentation, content, and taste," adds Rose de Azevedo, also a partner at BioMercado.

Each month, we will launch new products through flash sales. The idea is to surprise you with the next trend. So the way is to follow to not lose them.

Welcome to a new and amazing healthy life!

From The Client

“I don't really know where to start, we've been working with Feracode for over 2 years now, and we just have wonderful things to say about them. In addition to building our website and our e-commerce, they have done it extraordinarily fast and with incredible results. I love the fact that even after 2 years we still work together and I still get impressed with all that they do.”