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  • Client: BioMercado Brasil
  • Type: Website Development
  • Position: First pages on Google 
  • Date: 02/2015
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BioMercado Brasil

About our client

We are a young company that has had the opportunity to work with experienced partners who have expertise and success in our market. Before ever implementing our idea, years of market consulting, analysis and strategy had to be done. So, in 2014, we started the process of introducing BioMercado Brasil to the world.

It was months of planning and prospecting followed by events, visits, trips and countless rounds of meetings to close our first partnerships: with partners, with suppliers, and with potential customers.

Today we are a distributor of natural and organic products based in the beautiful Pedra Branca, Palhoça / SC, exclusively representing brands and products consecrated in Europe, Canada and the United States.Such as the awesome So Delicious vegetable drinks, food and supplements from award winning NOW Foods. And the innovative products of Big Tree Farms, a pioneer company in the world market in the manufacture and commercialization of coconut sugar and its derivatives.

Starting in the second half of 2016, we will give way to the stage of exporting Brazilian products, also in the category of all natural products, and take to other countries a little of what the prodigal nature gave to Brazil.

We are determined to fully fulfill our noble mission of "connecting frontiers to nourish with the best of nature," a task that transcends wholesale natural products and offers consumers the best and most exclusive health food in the world. We also want to nourish and be nourished with the most relevant information, the most honest studies, and the most grounded research; We want to share and receive sincere opinions and authentic experiences, always question and contribute to raising the market criteria and the level of consumer demand in the search for natural/organic products and a healthier life. This way, we are not just another distributor of natural products. We are your BioMercado Brasil.

From The Client

“I don't really know where to start, we've been working with Feracode for over 2 years now, and we just have wonderful things to say about them. In addition to building our website and our e-commerce, they have done it extraordinarily fast and with incredible results. I love the fact that even after 2 years we still work together and I still get impressed with all that they do.”