When we think of auctions, we come to mind the auctions of art, paintings, and precious objects. That’s what Google Adwords does with ads: an auction. They take the most valuable click for your business and sell it for you inf a blink.

We’ll show you how to build supper effective campaign in order to invest less, generate more clicks and consequently higher conversions, with surprising returns.

Create your Adwords campaign

The first step is to create a campaign at Google Adwords.

The interface seems to be complicated, but with patience, you can create the best Adwords campaign.

Set the objective for this campaign, if the goal is to earn registrations, make your lead download your e-book or, for e-commerce, your consumer to make the purchase.

Creating the ad

The ad must first solve a “problem” of its customer.

Set a powerful title, clear and direct text, simple URL for display.

Enter a destination URL. Do not forget that the ad is only the capture way, the destination URL should be very well worked.

Such as a landing page, the destination URL need to have a text with a necessary information or a product page. When your consumer arrives at the destination URL, they’re ready to solve his problem.

Choose the keyword

To solve a problem, you need to imagine the problem.

Put yourself in the place of your consumer and try to imagine how your business could solve the problem. After that, imagine how you can search this on Google.

That’s your keywords.

But you don’t need to do this hard works alone, Google owns the Keyword Planner and Google Trends. These two tools can help you choose the right keyword for your campaign.

Set a Bid on your Clicks

In Google Adwords campaigns you’ll need to spend money to make money.

The pay-per-click is a simply math multiplication, where you must define the cost of each click (cost: click, CPC) who will receive your ad. That is, you can define that each click will cost $ 2.00 and enter into the Google auction for that click.

Remembering that Google takes for the auction the amount invested and the quality of the content presented.

Test new ones and Follow the results

The best way to understand how customers responded to your campaign is to create new ads with different keywords for the same audience.

Do not forget to keep track of the results by using another simple math multiplication, click-through rate (click: rate, CTR).